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Oops, looks like I’m sick today. Some stupid influenza virus has been infesting and lurking in some dark corners in my body.

However, I disobeyed yesterday’s doctor’s advice to stay at the boarding school at take some rest – I went to school today, as I can’t affored to miss lessons! I’m secondary 4 now and teachers are teaching at a rate faster than anything you can imagine. Argh, that reminds me of Maths test on next Tuesday.

So I struggled to keep myself awake as Ms Koe’s first lesson and tried to keep cool and calm (my stomach really hurts like hell) at Mr Lee’s Maths lesson. It’s recess and the first thing in my mind when the bell rang is to the gents. No need for more description about what came out from my mouth and my, erm, a**.

Took a taxi to Silver Cross clinic opposite of the oldies shopping mall Beauty World at 10.30am. The taxi drive was good but a little far too ke-po (means busy-body). Doctor told me that I was infected by a freaking virus that knocked some of my classmates out of warzone.

Thanks to the school centralised air-condition system for all secondary 4 classroom that provides optimal condition for the virus to get around. The stupid virus thing just got everywhere.

I’m sick and I think this is the first time I blog about being sick. Argh!

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