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I Like Geography But…

I like geography


Please do not ask me to go under the sun.

We had our Geography lesson today about analysing and also plotting down the microclimate of my BIG BIG school (well, my school covers a vast area of 29 hectares). Mr Chng (no spelling error – it’s Chng) asked us to form groups of 2 to go to the specific areas he mapped on the school map and take the temperature and surrounding conditions.

To start the ball rolling, Mr Chng asked me to start first. Without having any rights to choose where can my partner, Terence (oh no!) and I can go, we are assigned to point A, which is…


Argh, and I was running a fever now and I ahve to stand in the middle of the field. I know Terence best – he is a super slacker. So I can’t count on him to complete the report, so I have to do almost everything by myself.

Cloudless sky!

Super sunny day!

Luckily the classroom is air-conditioned, so I quickly get all the stuff and recording done and rush back to the classroom. Phew! Just a quick conclusion:

I Am Cooked!

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