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Blogging VS Reality

A New Blogger Friendship

Well, I’ve read the post about a New Blogger Friendship posted by Desz in his blog. Check it out and do leave a comment there before reading mine below.

Finished reading Desz’s post about Blogger Friendship, I have some view to express here. When I first joined Blog*Spot as a new blogger, what I know about blogging is writing a virtual, everyone-can-read-and-comment (varies according to the blogger’s preferences) online diary.

However, when time flies and my blog is already half-year-old, I found out that blogging does not only limit to blogging only. Blogging have become a global phenomenon in which it starts to evolve from a personal webspace for blogging to a virtual globalised society which it’s border extends beyond the normal horizon anyone can imagine.

Similar to our real life society, bloggers with different countries, hobbies and profiles starts to join this global trend of blogging. From a simple virtual society, evolution revamped the entire blogging world, leading to a larger and more sophisticated society in the cyberspace. The price of evolution – the veyr, very complicated cyberspace it has become.

Criticising, spoofing and promoting fake heroism starts to surface from the cyberspace. One very typical example is myself, who received threatening letters and messages from a guy who claimed himslef as Charles. Well, I’ve know who the real guy hiding behind that fake mask of Charles (not to tell you more… it’ve been the past, ok?). Desz is also one of the victim – he got lots of f*** bombs from some stupid people thinking using their a**.

On the other hand, besides just mentioning about the negative impacts of expanding and evolving blogging world, I do think there are some positive impacts. I’ve get to know some good bloggers in the blogging world whom I’ve never ever met them beofre in real person. They support me and I can always see them commenting or even tagging about what they are interested or how they feel.

Really happy to knwo that some of us really appreciate the art of blogging =) If you have any views feel free to post them so that I can think about it and amke a better write up about this really strange global phenomenon. =)


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