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Friday A Holiday!

Friday is a holiday, meaning that I’ll get 72 hours of non-stop fun. Everybody in the class roared with excitement when they know that this oncoming Friday is a holiday, as we would not be ruled under the horrible diplomatic (erm, dictatorship?) ‘social’ system of Samuel Lim.

Well, there are lots of Samuel Lim in the world so don’t get agitated with this post. *By the way, if you’re really that Samuel Lim I’m crapping about, I recommed you to stop reading in order to prevent a 100% chance of having a cardiac arrest after reading this.

So we have only 1 period for this week’s tutorial lesson and we do not need to suffer much from him. This is God damn lucky I tell you, as I can not only escape from horrible lessons conducted by him, I also do not need to go for any CCA stuff that really kills me (that boredoom thing).

The class was so happy when he told us that his lesson was cancelled due to the holidays. We all replied, “We are SO SAD!” but deep in the heart we are giggling like crazy jokers.

I’m looking forward to this special weekend!

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