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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Pizza Feast

Well, I am very bored with my boarding school’s food so I decided to eat something other than the food here. My legs are tired so it doesn’t allow me to walk too far from my room to get a tasty lunch outside. AFter discussing with my roommate we decided to order a home delivery pizza from Pizza Hut.

The pizza was shcleduled to reach in half-an-hour’s time so I played some car racing on PS2 with him. My phone rang and the delivery guy was screaming at me over the phone for not picking up his call (oops I turned my phone to ‘Silent’ mode! Sorry!). Paid S$21.95 for a LARGE Hawaiian Lovers pizza. Smells nice!

Time to eat and to lure my readers for ordering pizzas.

Yum yum! *Burp*

Hungry just by looking at the picture? Too bad. I’m bloated now na dhave finished the entire pizza with my friend.

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