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BlogExplosion #1

Here is a brief introduction how to navigate around BlogExplosion. If you’re not a BlogExplosion member, there is no need for you to read the post below. Sorry for the non-BlogExplosion peeps.

When you enter the address ‘http://www.blogexplosion.com/’ into your borwser bar, BlogExplosion’s log-in page would appear. In order to log in sucessfully, enter your username and your password in designated input boxes.

The Main Page

After logging in you’ll see a banner link this:

The information banner

It informs you about how much unused credits you have and suggests you ways to use them proeprly. I got 160 but I didn’t toich them for months… oops.

You would also find a menubar on the left hand side of the member’s page. Each of the links have different functions:

1. The very first, red link from the menu allows you to surf other members’ blogs in order to earn traffic. Updated on 11/1/05, the surfing ratio is 2:1, means that for every two blogs you surf you’ll get 1 visitor assigned to your blog.

2. ‘Add / Edit Blogs’ link allow you to add or edit your blog. It also displays your current blog(s) statistics.

3. ‘Blog Stats’ link functions as the same as the above one. It allows you to get a clear and detailed statistics about your blog since you joined BlogExplosion.

3. ‘Assign Traffic’ to your blog allows you to conver unused credits to used credits. Means that you’ll use those unused credits to earn traffic fro your blog.

4. ‘My Banners’ link allows you to convert unused credits into banner impressions. The convertion rate various depends on the amount of banners being rotated across BlogExplosion.

5. ‘Edit Account Info’ link takes you to a page where you can edit your account information.

6. ‘Account Stats’ link shows you your surfing statistics in BlogExplosion in a daily and lifetime basis.

7. ‘My Blogmarks’ link will take you to where all your BlogMakrs are stored and kept. You can then click on the blogmarked blogs to view the blog’s you like =)

8. ‘Do Not View List’ refers you to a page where you’ve banned some sites from showing on your surf page. You can un-ban them anytime in this page.

9. ‘Referrals’ will tell you how much people you’ve referred and the amount of credit you’ve earned from refeering them. There area total of 6 levels of referrals in BlogExplosion.

10. ‘Referral Banners’ will allow you to download and display BlogExplosion banners on your blog and hence earn referrals.

11. ‘Blog Lottery’ will bring you to the Blog Lottery page where you can spend unused credits to buy tickers. 1 ticket costs only 1 unused credit.

12. ‘Mystery Winners’ allows you to view the lucky winners of nystery credits. Maybe you can try to find your name in there! Hope you can strike one soon =)

*Sorry I’ve skip some links because I don’t think they’re useful (at my point of view only). Good luck in BlogExplosion then!

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