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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

I Saw Fishy Leong!

I went to Junction 8 yesterday just to have my lunch and some shopping. Well, after having my lunch at Ya Kun cafe I went upstairs using the escalator and guess what I heard? I heard Fishy Leong singing! Wow, great!

I rushed up to the second floor to get a good look at her singing on stage. Too bad I can’t see her downstairs right in front of the stage! Luckily I managed to squeeze thorugh the crowd and lean onto the railing so that I get take pictures of her singing =)

Fishly Leong singing on stage =)

After lots of singing she started to advertise her oncoming concert. After that, the security guards allow people who bought her album to get a signature of hers on stage! Wow, that cool but too bad due to time constrain I could not stay a little longer…

Her dedicated fans getting her signature!

Haiz, what’s up? Meeting for reporters at Singapore Press Holdings. Bored Saturday. Luckily I ahve Fishly Leong’s apperance to cheer me up!

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