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Static Electricity

Well, today afternoon my Physics teacher, Mrs Loi instructed us to proceed to the photonics lab to do some interesting experiments with a static-electricity charged doom which makes your hair stand all over your body. *That’s fun!

Before crapping on how we sabotaged our class chairman Jonathan Kee to be the first homosapien to try out the freaking thing, Mrs Loi showed us how static electricity can affect a bunch of artificial hair.

Artifical hair on the dome which is not charged (left) and charged (right).

Then she started her lecture about electrostatics and other boring stuff. frankly speaking I am so excited about Physics today is just to see some scapegoat being asked to touch that dome.

Mrs Loi briefing us what to do and how not to do when touching that dome. Or else, who knows that I’ll get electrocuted?

Jonathan Kee was asked to touch that thing but I recorded it as a video (so there are no pictures). So I took some pictures of the second huy bring sabotaged by us – Terence.

It’s Terence’s turn now. Look, his hairs are standing!

We asked Mrs Loi to touch that thing but she insisted not. But then after she dismissed us she hopped on the chair and started to enjoy the ultimate sensation (am I suing the correct word? Maybe I’m too sadist) of static electricy being passed around your body.

Finally took a snapshot of her touching the dome!

Today is fun, especially for Physics lesson! Did you have some sort of wierd experiments in school? Don’t keep the comments to yourself – shout them out =)

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