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Linking To Specific Posts In Blogger

A million thanks for Jin for rephrasing her question so that I can answer hers. This post is again, targeted for only Blog*Spot users. But if you aren’t one you can also read on just for fun.

In order to link to your posts properly, I have discovered a trick when using my toilet time (when I’m doing my business) thinking. Click on the comments link of the post you want to link on and the post’s url will be something like this (bold italic fonts are the data that varies according to users’ posts):

http://your blog url.blogspot.com/year/month/post title.html#comments

Then to link to that specific post, just remove the #comments at the end of the url, just like the one below:

http://your blog url.blogspot.com/year/month/post title.html

Paste it in the hyperlink code (if you’re not sure about hyperlink code please click here).

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