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First Day In School

Bah, I think this is the very first essay topic a teacher would ask a child to write in his first day of school. But anyway, I am glad to introduce my new classroom, located in the Tower Block. Well, all HCI (Hwa Chong Institution) student are eyeing for the 8 classrooms in this block (since the top 8 classes would able to get in when they’re sec 4) and I am glad to be able to study there.

Everybody was so excited on the vert first day of school. Happy to know that my form teacher is not the one (who is angry, horrible and hateful) I’ve been thinking of. She’s great and we really liked her a lot. So we are THIS quiet in during her period:

Wow, really unimaginable that my class is this quiet today!

But when she left the classroom, we started chit-chatting loudly (like there’s no tomorrow) about how’s your wonderful holidays and funny or scary encounters with different peeps and GHOSTS. And the class is totally out of control, so here is how the entire class looks like:

Oops. *This is the only thing I can say.

Yan Min (facing my camera) and Jason (playing the little handphone)

Card games in the CLASSROOM??? I decided not to join them to keep my school records clean.

After the recess I found lots of peeps crowding the locker area. Omigosh, these kiasu Singaporeans (this does not imply to all Singaporeans) booking those lockers. But then to prevent the same tradegy to repeat itself (when I got nowhere to put my books), I decided to follow the trend of locker-booking.

Peeps busy booking lockers!

A reserved locker for???

That’s all for my first day of school =)

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