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Walking Into The Gallery Of Disaster

After spending times quoting articles from CNN.com, I think a picture worth a thousand words. So I displayed this gallery of pictrues about the disaster. Please note that pictures are copyrighted.


In Galle, Sri Lanka, soldiers have been deployed to prevent looting.

People walk through debris of their houses destroyed in tidal waves on the coastal areas in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Villagers and Buddhist monks search for the missing south of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Tuesday.

Overturned vehicles and debris are spread throughout a bus stand in Galle, Sri Lanka, Tuesday.

(2) INDIA:

Getting aid to the many victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake will be an unprecedented challenge, the UN says.

Houses and vehicles were destroyed in Indian village of Velankanni.

People mourn at a temple south of Madras, India.

Tsunami victims from Cambal Bat and Nicobar, India, are evacuated in an Indian Air Force plane Tuesday.

A car and debris litter the water on the coast of Chennai (formerly Madras) in southern India on Sunday after an 9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island triggered massive tsunamis.


The town, located near the tremor’s epicentre, is still flooded.

Residents stand on a flooded street after tidal waves hit in Lhokseumawe, Aceh province, Indonesia, Sunday. –APpic

A scientist points to a seismograph reading from Sunday morning’s 9.0 earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia Sunday at the Meteorology and Geophysical Agency in Jakarta, Indonesia. An extremely powerful earthquake rocked parts of Asia Sunday, sparking potent aftershocks and massive waves that swamped villages and seaside resorts in eight countries, killing at least 23,000 people. –APpic

The bodies of hundreds of victims of the tsunami which hit Banda Aceh are laid out at a rescue centre yesterday. — Reuterspic

Relief supplies being transported to Aceh, Indonesia.

Victims and debris fill Banda Aceh street.

An Acehnese man walks through debris near the Great Mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.


The huge waves – some up to 10 metres (33 feet) high – swept away buildings in their path and picked up cars like matchsticks.

Luxury hotels in Thailand’s southern Phuket region have been turned into temporary morgues.

Rescuers load empty coffins bound for Phuket at Bangkok airport.

SHOCKING SIGHT: People looking at a submerged truck at the entrance of a supermarket at Patong Beach yesterday. — APpic

People look at two vehicles slammed together by a strong tidal waves that hit Kata beach in Phuket, Thailand.–APpic

A street is littered with debris after the area was hit by tidal waves at Patong beach in Phuket, Thailand, Sunday.–APpic

A boat and a gift shop submerged on the beach of Phi Phi Island in Thailand


Picture taken by Paul S. Russell, shows a tidal wave approaching the Batu Ferringhi coast at about 1.15pm.

Photo taken by a Birtish tousirt named Eric when tsunamis apporach Batu Ferringi beach, Malaysia.

DISASTER ZONE: Cars and motorcycles parked along Gurney Drive in Penang were swept by waves and strewn accross the street haphazadly.

DAMAGED INSPECTION: A resident checking a damaged car which was parked at a make-shift garage in Bagan Jermal, Seberang Prai.

Most of the pictures pictures about the disaster is obtianed from the photo gallery of The Star.

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