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The Little Rascal

Went to my mom’s best friend’s house to pay her a visit. I could still remember she was screaming over the phone asking us to visit her and she is sort of dying from boredoom. nah, she’s just kidding with us. Anyway, my mom decided to pay her a visit since we didn’t see her since we came back from Singapore (that’s about 2 months ago!).

Her house was so nice that I would like to stay there for nights!


Met up with her little 5 year old kid, Han Han (just his nickname). Don’t be touched by the cute little picture of his below, as he is really a little rascal! (That’s true, I bet!)

The naughty little rascal. This type of cuteness could not be tolerated here!

Argh, I could still remember last time he forced my brother and I to play hide-and-seek (oh, don’t mention about it again!) with him. We hid in some very obvious places for him to find us but UNFORTUNATELY he didn’t find us. But the bad luck strikes. He ran towards OUR mom (what the…) crying that we didn’t want to play with him (wow he is God damn crafty!) and of course we got lots of blasitng.

In order to prevent this tradegy to happen on him us again, we had to force ourselves to play this lame car game with him.

Oh no! Can I get anymore childish by playing this?

I got so pissed Ipretned to be in good term with him and to be silly enough he follwed me to the garden. So I got four really HEAVY metal chairs and surrounded him with those heavy chairs… so he got STUCK! Hahaha…. (evil grin)

Haha, he got stuck!

Anyway, I’m happy after making a fool outta him, and also thought him a lesson =)

After this incident then I realised that I was really EVIL! *Whoops

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