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Earth In Risk?!

Surfing leisurely in BlogExplosion, I found this article posted on Ko-Science about the possibility of an asteriod crashing straight into our dear rolling blue ball (erm, I mean Earth).

Uh-oh! Is history repeating itself?

There’s a 1-in-300 chance that a recently discovered asteroid, named 2004 MN4, could hit Earth in 2029. 2004 MN4 was discovered in June 2004 and rediscovered this month.At about 1,320 feet in length, it would have about 1,600 megatons of energy. It takes less than a year to go all the way around the sun, and on each orbit it passes by Earth’s orbit twice. It is also nearly on the same plane as Earth’s orbit.

But the perceived risk probably will be eliminated once astronomers get more detail about its orbit.

Oopsy! I think I would have been 40 that time. Happily (not really) assuming that the mindless ball of massive rock would hit our dear Earth, I’ve spent about half the time of my life-span and would die happiliy (not really). Nut I think this does not happen to those born in the year 2028. (oops!)

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