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Merry Chirstmas!

Well, frankly speaking the first thing I though about when I woke up today morning is that how was Mr Santa now.

After considering that there are more than 20 billion kids worldwide, I should happily conclude that the sleigh Mr Santa was towing yesterday night is much bigger than the biggest oil tanker ever built.

Did he put his sweater on before he leave his house in the North Pole? If he didn’t I bet he would be suffering from a major cold today and maybe a frostbite on his nosetip.

And I would like to ask Mr Santa whether towing along the oil-tanker-sized sleigh was tiring. I think he would need a thousand deers to pull the colossus pack of gifts along across the sky?

Waited till midnight yesterday for Polar Express to appear. Nah, that’s just train that exist in our imagination… I also did not get the bell that only rings when you believe in Santa.

Hahaz. These are just funny questions that ran through my mind on the very minute I woke up from bed. The empty socks in my bedroom left me in utter disappointment, but anyway, I think it’s time for me to totally forget Mr Santa’s existence.

Enjoy your Christmas Day =)

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