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Interesting Population Statistics

I got some interesting statistics to share it with you today =)

Interesting Population Statistics

Here they go:

Assuming that we shrunk the entire world population into a mere 100 people and keeping the original proportions / ratios, in there 100 peeps we got…

(1) 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 Americans and 8 Africans.
(2) 52 males and 48 females.
(3) 30 whites and 70 non-whites.
(4) 30 Christian and 70 non-Christians. (Note: Not all whites are Christians!)
(5) 89 ‘normal’ peeps and 11 gays / lesbians.
(6) 6 owns 59% of the total assets and all of the 6 are from the United States.
(7) 80 do not have proper shelter.
(8) 50 of them suffering from malnutrition.
(9) 1 is near to death.
(10) 1 is giving birth in any minute in the future.
(11) 70 of them are illiterate.
(12) 1 of them owns a Master degree.
(13) 15 of them have computers.

If you wake up this morning and finding that you’re still breathing (duh, or not you’re not reading this post!), you’re very lucky as 1 million peeps have a life span of 7 days or less.

If you’re not tortured by war, hunger and rape, you’re luckier than 50 million peeps.

If you have the right and freedom to believe in any religion that you believe, you’re luckier than 300 million people.

If you have some food and tidbits in your house refirgerator, have clothes to put on and have a clean and proper shelter, you’re richer than 75% of the world’s population.

If you have some money deposited in your bank account and have cash in your wallet, you are the top 8% of the richest peeps in the world.

Most importantly, if you can READ and UNDERSTAND this passage, you are luckier than 200 million peeps who don’t know how to read and write.

Consider that you’re the lucky one, you should trasure you day and your life from now onwards =)

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