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Screw The Immigration Department

I woke up as early as 6:45am this morning just the got an early ticket number at the Immigration Department so that I can update my passport as soon as possible.

The department opens at 8.00am but the queue is God damn long at 7.30am already. That really pisses me off as I just hate to stand (I have bad memories about standing for a long time as when I was young my primary school teacher punished me to stand in the middle of an uncovered football field in the afternoon). But the worse thing is that the queue is really long, as you can see in the photo below:

Uh-oh, long queues again! I’m screwed.

Then we took my ticket number. It is 1035 (buy it for 4D?), the 35th person from the first guy. Lucky me! I could still remember I got 1174 last year when we came there at 7.50am. Maybe we’ve chosen the wrong day that time =)

My procedure of renewing my paspport is fast but there is only a few counters open (I bet it’s less than 5 among all 15 counters!). I waited for an hour and a half until it is my turn. Then I got my thumbprint printed on a form which costs $1.00 (this is totally stupid!) and waited for another boring two and a half hours to get my passport done. Aw, sick!

I’m now God damn tired for standing and my legs sore. I will MUST catch a beautiful afternoon nap after lunch! *Sigh + Argh!

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