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Joke No. 208 Please

Reader’s Digest Asia’s 50 Best Jokes.

I went to Reader’s Digest Asia online to check out the result of the winner of the 50 Best Jokes competition. And the results are as what I’ve expected – Joke 16 won the title of being the funniest and entertaining joke.

Here to joke goes:

On his first day, a newcomer to prison heard the other inmates roar with laughter each time one of them called out a number. Mystified by this, he asked his cellmate what was happening. “We know all our jokes so well that, to save time retelling them, we’ve numbered them,� he was told.

Thinking he would join in, the newcomer shouted “208�. To his amazement, the whole prison shook with laughter. The cellmate wiped tears from his eyes and commented, “We hadn’t heard that one before.�

On the other hand, I have another thing to share here… look at the paragraph below:

This is an unusual paragraph. I’m curious about how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so plain that you would think that nothing is wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it. Study it but you still may not find anything odd. Odd huh?

Why is this paragraph odd?

Funny? Share it among your friends =) Make some laughter for your family for this Christmas!

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