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Renovation @ Home

The crack between the original and extended section of my house wall grows larger each year, so my father decided to seal the crack up.

This is the crack which annoys my parents, whom both are perfectionists.

The workers cam eas early as 9.30am and started to break some bricks apart around the crack. The entire house is covered in dust, so my brother and I can only stay upstairs. Luckily we had computers upstairs so that we can waste some waiting time.

My mom was quite pissed in the afternoon as the stupid female worker keep talking to my maid and she can’t concentrate to clear those debris because the workers keep knocking the bricks down. Fortunately her anger did not reach the critical level and she managed to keep herself cool and calm (I really can’t imagine if my mother’s anger broke loose).

Shockingly to know that the workers knocked down that much of bricks, after looking at the cement-filled crack.

Woah! They must have knocked down lots of bricks just to fill the crack!

I asked my mom why did they do so. She explained to me that that is necessary because they need to put metal plates in there to secure the cement (so that the crack would not appear next time).

Argh, I am forced to be a free labour to clean up all the mess. I wonder why didn’t my mom asked them to clean up the mess themselves!

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