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Stupid Jokes

Here I have a few stupid jokes to share with you, so that you’ll share the little humor among everybody.

Stupid Joke 1:
Q: Why do we see lightning before we hear the thunder?
A: Because we have our eyes in front and ears at the back.

Stupid Joke 2:
Q: How do you put an elephant in the refrigerator in three steps?
A: 1. Open the refrigerator door; 2. Put the elephant in there; 3. Close the refrigerator door.

Stupid Joke 3:
Q: How do you put a giraffe in the refrigerator in four steps?
A: 1. Open the refrigerator door; 2. Take the elephant out; 3. Put the giraffe in; 4. Close the refrigerator door.

Stupid Joke 4:
Q: Lion King held an Animal Conference in the jungle. Who didn’t attend?
A: The giraffe. As it is still in the refrigerator.

Stupid Joke 5:
Q: There are 10 birds standing in a row. A hunter shot one down. Why didn’t the other 9 birds fly away?
A: Sorry. They were ostriches – they ran away.

Stupid Joke 6:
Q: Why did a man died after drinking an old woman’s milk?
A: The old woman’s milk has expired. (Oops)

Stupid Joke7:
Q: What is the chemical formula of water?
A: HIJKLMNO (‘H’ to ‘O’ -> H2O).

Hope you don’t get choked because of lots of laughing =)

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