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Starving Baby Penguins

Oopsy, looks like the poor penguin babies will get lots of starvation! Thanks to the stupid B15A iceberg, which is three times bigger as the land mass of Hong Kong! (Can you imagine how colossus is it?)

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Tens of thousands of Antarctic penguin chicks could starve to death in the next few weeks as a huge iceberg blocks access to coastal feeding grounds, a New Zealand official has said.

A 3,000 square-kilometer (1,200 square-mile) iceberg, known as B15A, could also block the sea route used to supply three science stations during the Southern Hemisphere summer, said Lou Sanson, chief executive of the government scientific agency Antarctica New Zealand.

Looks like the victims of the stupid giant iceberg are not limited to only baby penguins but also scientists in the South Pole! Poor peeps they are!

Darling, our babies are STARVING and we can’t go HOME!

Hope they’ve got enough to gobble up for the next few weeks so they do not get starved.

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