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Hidden Dangers In Night Market

My parents and I went to Pasar Malam (means ‘Night Market’ in Malay) today evening and found something very dangerous harming every single sole in the market.

Before further evaluating on this thing, let me tell you about an article posted in the newspapers a few days ago. The article is about an explosion of a hydrogen-filled balloon in a wedding held somewhere in Malaysia. Since hydrogen i s aflamable gas, the explosion scalded a few guests, leaving them seriously burned. Floating balloons which are filled with gas lighter than the atmosphere air should only contain helium (a nobel gas, which is not reactive hence does not help in combustion) not hydrogen (a very reactive gas which does not exist as a single element in the Earth’s atmosphere).

Shockingly I found out that the balloons sold in the Night Market here are filled with hydrogen! Helium tanks are painted white with a red flame printed on it while hydrogen tanks are blue ones. The heartless and idiotic balloon seller filled those balloons with HYDROGEN! I see lots of parents buying those dangerous and extreme flamable balloons for their kids!

Killer balloons filled with HYDROGEN sold in public places!

Curse the stupid seller!

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