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Unexpected Durian Feast

NOTE: To those who hate the aroma, taste and look of durian or have durian-phobia please do not continue to read.

When my familiy was having dinner, my neighbour rang the door bell. Thought that she was just trying to pass some neighbourhood gossip around her, we opened the door and found out that she was giving us a basket of durians! Wow, our saliva kept gushing out (please note that we’re all durian lovers), and so my mom went to pry open the smallest one so that we can have it for dinner.

My mom prying the hard shell of the durian apart.

Then she got some flesh out of the hard shell (really hard I tell you!) and placed them in a place. This is the time when I automatically took the plate and ate up one before anybody gets it (usually I don’t help my mom to serve dinner except when durian is in the dinner menu).

Wow! Durian!!!

That plate of yellowish and stinky (to those who hate durian) really tastes nice and yummy! Of course half of my plate of rice went into my stomach just because of the presence of durian (I mixed it with rice and swallow them in a whole!). Yummy! =)

Of course, we had a good dinner today, as we got durians!

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