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Funny Christmas Song

Here I got a funny Christmas Song, and you can hear and see it (in flash, so I recommend those who do not have flash plug-in to downlaod one first). It’s really fun!

Click here to get it!

The picture below is the screenshot of the flash player of the song =)

Funny Christmas Song! *Click image for the full version

Please take note of the part when the choir sings out ‘gonorrhoea’. It’s really funny!

NOTE #1: This is not a porn-free thingy. Please consult your parents (but I think you wouldn’t) before viewing it if you’re below 18. (By the way I’m not 18 yet)

NOTE #2: Those who have joke-o-phobia people please do not click on the link.

NOTE #3: I got this link from Dudu’s Dad Desz post.

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