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Those ‘Things’

Today morning I accessed Desmond’s blog and found a link to another blog, which writes mostly about her eyes which glows green in the dark and seeing those ‘thing’ (I expect you know what those ‘things’ are).

The blog belongs to Jin, a mother of two children. If you’re intereseted or a ghost’s fan you might like to access her blog.

To those who are faint-hearetd and fear of ghosts (erm, may I say, those who have ghost-o-phobia?), please make wise decisions…

I have read those posts and found them really chilly.

By the way, I got an uncle who also go those eyes that can see stuff from another world. He told me that there was once when he was driving along Penang Bridge (the longest bridge is Southeast Asia, connecting Butterworth and Penang Island). He claimed that he saw headless spirits wondering along the bridge which scraed daylight out of him.

He also saw ‘them’ in his house with one particularly stubborn spirit inissted not to leave his house and sat on his sofa. He was so scared but he could’nt do anythign about it. Luckily later in that day ‘he’ left.

I don’t know whether these stories are true but I still believe it.

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