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Leaving Penang

I left for Kuala Lumpur (where I used to be) today afternoon. Leaving Penang and my beloved cousins. Anyway, those happy timnes we had together will be always sealed in my deepest memories.

At first I couldn’t accept the harsh fact that my stay with my dearest cousins would just be an end this Thursday. The original plan is that I would stay there till this Sunday and we might go on a swimming trip this weekend.

I was shocked by my parents decision on Monday. I didn’t write them out as at that time I was deperately fighting for my right to stay a little longer there. But too bad as my dad starts to roar across the phone and MSN Messenger.

Luckily we went to Pacific Shopping Centre yesterday, so that I can go out to shop for some Giordano Me Tees. But eventually I didn’t buy a thing because I thought I could put them in my bank. NOTE: 1 Giordano Me Tee cost aprroximately $30.00 here.

Then we went to ‘Pek Kong Cheng’ to have our dinner. Maybe you did not hear that thing before but the food there really tastes great. My mum siad that it has been there since she was four (thats 40+ years ago!).

I went back to my cousin’s home and played a game of Monopoly with them, since it’s my last night there. BUt out of some reasons my youngest cousin sister screwed up the entire game by being very rebellious and naughty. The entire game ended up with her crying which waked my uncle and aunt up.

However I could not sleep even though it’s 1.00am this morning. Luckily my eldest cousins sister also could not sleep well, so we did Addition Maths together. But then at about 2.30am my uncle chased us back to our respective beds because it’s really too late for us to stay awake.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my stay in Penang. This is the very last ‘Major Holiday Programme’ of mine this year end holidays. Lucky me, I had three this year:
(1) Trip to Genting,
(2) Trip to Bangkok,
(3) My stay in Penang.

I enjoyed my holidays. How about you?

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