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Am I Drunk?

Today the weather turned really hot and maybe because of the unbearable heat beating from the sky, the reservoir supplying water to where I am staying now starts to dry up quickly. So there is not a drip of water coming out from the freaking tap since morning.

My uncle decided to treat us with grape wine. It smells like an alcoholic drink, but then I still want to give it a try. Really very greedy for me to pour a full up of it into the largest mug I can find in the house and drank all of it.

Then my cousin sister says that she hates to drink that purplish stuff, so I help her to finish another serivng of grape wine. After washing the cups, I feel a little groggy, like an idoitc fisherman dancing on a floating boat. I didn’t give a damn to it and played Mahjong with my cousins.

Suddenly my cousin sister shrieked, “Ew, your face is getting God damn red!” After some time of stoning in front of the Mahjong table then I realised she was pointing at me.

Immediately I rushed up stairs to get a good look for myself in the mirror. Holy cow! My face is really red.

Then I felt nauseous for the next half and hour *groan*. I lied down and slept for 4 solid hours until it was 6.25pm. Lucky me, I didn’t puke on the floor, or not I got to clean up the entire grossy mess.

My brain was temporarily blank and I can’t think of anything. Perhaps I was reall DRUNK. Omigosh.

So this is the criminal.

Oh great, I’m drunk for the first time in my life. Luckily my parents aren’t around or not I’ll get hours of blasting. *Phew!

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