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Back From Bangkok

After five days for not blogging and going online, I’m feeling quite uneasy, looks like I’m somehow addicted =)

I’m not going to crap what I’ve seen and done in Bangkok, so just trying to tell you readers that I’m very tired after the trip. We have the wake up at 6.00am everyday just to catch the bus and to have some breakfast. Coping with the totally full timetable is really tiring. We have to rush here, run there, going berserk all over, chase the bus, eat like a croc, smell like a skunk and all sort of stuff.

I’m God damn tired now because I woke up at 3.30am in the morning. I’m so tired that I’ve to drag my body right into the bus. Luckily on the way to the cluttered airport I get to catch some sleep, despite the noisy tour guide who was keeping crapping about pick-pockets in the airport.

After the five day trip to Bangkok I finnaly found out that the toilets there are not as unhygenic as what China have (I think China is trying very hard to correct this stinky problem). And again, for God’s sake I have to repeat that this is not targeting China. Malaysia’s public toilet also stinks. However, the hotel food sucks like hell. We (my cousins and I) keep screaming that those food are not made for humans to consume but our parents just force-feed us. So sad.

Anyway, I’m very tired now and want to get some sleep as soon as possible. Goodbye.

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