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Back To Penang (Mom’s Hometown)

Penang is where my grandparents used to live and where most of my family members stay there. As we are going to Bangkok tomorrow (please do not lecture me about the political situation there – I’m aware of it), we would need to rest there for a night to get enough energy to tour Bangkok.

We hop on our car at 10.30am and started our 3 1/2 hour ‘balik kampung’ (means ‘travelling back to hometown’ in English) journey to Penang. Really tiring but I think I need to cut all the crap about the sickening long journey.

Reached Bukit Mertajam (somewhere in Penang) at 3.00pm because we stopped at the rest-stops along the highway. Bah! I’m God damn tired, so I decided to get some sleep before I attend my grandma’s birthday dinner.

We went to Tambun to have our dinner. Mom was sort of force-feeding me although I told her that I did not have any appetite. After the stomach-bloating dinner, I think I’m going to turn in as soon as possible due to the tiredness building up in me myself.

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