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Genting Highland 2004 – Day 2

Today the REAL fun begins. I think you’re bored reading those crappy but compulsory (so that you peeps know what’s happenning up there) posts, so I think this post might wake you up from your worst nightmare- reading crappy stuff.

Woke up as early as 6.45am today, but I’m not waking up that early to watch the damn sun rise or count the dust in the air – I’m going to the theme park soon! This freaking theme park opens at 8.00am and closes at 10.00pm. So I’m aiming to get the very first tickets and be the very first one to hop on any rides just under my eyes.

I took a handful of picture today, as I’ve lots of stuff to tell and lots of things to show you peeps. By the way, please bear with my well-trained lousy photgraphy skills. Before I take you on a visual tour of the theme park, let me show you some cool shots of the entire thingy from my hotel room (located on the 18th floor).

A breath-taking view of the theme park!

The yellow building holds the station of the nobody-wants-to-hop-on cable car.

The shell-shaped building on the bottom-left corner of the left side photo is the long-famed Arena Of Stars, where lots of BIG stars came there to hold stupid cool concerts.

The tall structure sticking out on a hill is the famous Solera Space Shot. Last time it used to be shooting peeps upwards at some great speed but after a life-costing incident, it has changed to a downward launched thingy (means that peeps are towed up to the top of the tower and lauched downwards).

The roller coaster at the background is the Corkscrew, where one lady got screwed up (and of course, DEAD) as her long hair got caught between the wheels. *This is rumoured.*

The white thingy on the bottom of the right side photo is the entrance of the theme park. Grand, duh. Peeps pay money in order to get in the territory enclosed.

The mushroom ride with blue and white stripes is called the Spinner. Well, frankly speaking I went on my favourite ride, Spinner, 9 times today, maybe because I like the spinning sensation in my head after getting down from the swinging chairs. I got there too early in the morning and there is virtually nobody on the ride. It’s really rare for this ride to be totally EMPTY, as it is one of the most popular ride in the park.

The totally EMPTY Spinner.

Maybe because of the mist the temperature dropped suddenly, sneding REALLY chilly wind onto my face. The entire theme park is now plagued with the sickening mist which stops most of the rides from operation, except for Spinner. Oh great… *Bah!

Spinner spinning in action while the mist plagued the theme park.

Dad suggested that we better move on or not we’ll miss out lots of empty rides. Went pass the Snake & Ladder ride which I loved the play when I was a little kid. On the right is the Haunted House ride which I never stepped into (not to tell you the reason).

The Snake & Ladder ride (left) and the Haunted House ride (right).

After spending some time on deciding what ride we are going to hop on, dad somehow forced us to go on the stupid Antique Car ride. Really stupid as the track laid down there guides you round the park and you are the one who are stepping on the extremely tight and oily pedal. Anyway, as I said, dad FORCED us to go on the ride, so…

The train whizzing past my antique car (left) and the beautiful flower beds + my dad ahead (right).

I decided to pay a visit and also take a photo of Asia’s very first flying roller coaster. I wonder whether I could get a chance dare to ride on it next year.

Asia’s very first flying roller coaster!

Here is the Solero Space Shot I’ve been mentioning about it before. I rode on it once when it is still somehow a space shot (riders are shot up a high speed). But however, after an accident, riders are towed up to the top and then launched downwards. How UNFUN it becomes now. Three pictures below shows the pictures of Solero Space Shot I’ve taken few years ago.




The picture below is taken recently. Please do not get the time of these photos wrong.

Peeps dangling sky-high on Solero Space Shot.

Went to WAX my hand. (Only peeps from my class would find it funny) Nice.

The Wax Hand Station in Genting.

I bought some Dorayaki (Japanese Pancake) to stop my stomach from rebelling. Anyway, I took some time to take photos of the beautiful flower beds in the theme park. Looks nice.

Flower beds, duh!

Absolutely bored because of not going on any roller coaster since morning. I queued up for Rolling Thunder Mine Train. The queue is so damn long that I nearly quit the idiot queue. Luckily I stayed and it’s my turn!

Queuing Up.

After leaving Rolling Thunder Mine Train, I queued up for Cyclone. Cyclone is only open by 6.00pm because of some stupid maintainence works to be done. Then a sickening guy from an India tour group (NOTE: This is not targeting all peeps from India) cut the queue. When Cyclone was then opened the guy called upon other from the same tour group and all Indians start to jump the queue. Poor me as I gotta wait damn long. Really angry when another stupid, brainless guy from the tour group scolded me from cutting queue (I am supposed to be in front of all of THEM).

Anyway, a black-out drove lots of them out of the queue. The first car is stuck on the lift hill and the women up there was screaming like crazy.

A car stuck up there.

Mist starts to fill the atmosphere up and everything is damn blur. Took some nice pictures of spinner in the evening before I left the park. The surrounding temperature where I took those photos below is 14 degree Celcius. Cold.

Spinner is deep mist.

Really tired after leaving the theme park… *yawn*

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