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I Want To Go Ice Skating!

Today I went to Sunway Pyramid with my family. Sunway Pyramid is located just opposite my neighbourhood and it’s just walking distance from my house, but the fact theat we rarely walk there (as my mom would surely nag about this).

Here is Sunway Pyramid!

Oh, for got to tell you that due to some religious reasons, Egypt does not allow this shopping mall to have the Sphinx, so the mall authority have to replace the Sphinx they planned to build with a stupid-looking lion.

Heard of Sunway Lagoon? It’s a pretty reputated water amusement park in Malaysia. It is build right in the abandoned open-cast mine (means that it is built in sort of a big valley), so geographically it’s very attracting. It is equipped with roller coasters, wave pool, water slides and other wild stuff.

Sunway Lagoon!

Then I went to see people go ice skating. My mom told me that she would get me a coach to teach me ice skating few years agobut in the end the entire plan went down the drain because of unknown reasons.

The ice skating rink was the place I want to go to the most desperately since I was young. For some reasons I like to see people skating on ice, maybe because I like the feeling of sliding on ice with a pair of shoes fitted with stupid blades.

The ice skating rink I want to go.

My mom rest asusred me that she would get someone to teach me ice skating this December, but I think this plan would also eventually disappear in thin air.

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