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There Goes Our RM$30,000!

There goes my $30,000! Omigosh, I really can’t believe it!

It was a few days ago when I told my mom about story in the movie The Best Bet. It is about a monk rubbing his butt on the chair, claiming that he can squeeze some 4 digit numbers for people to bet on and get great prizes. Translated to English (from Hokkien), the number which eventually came out is 3791. Yeah, 3791. 3 – the shape of the butt, 7* – rub , 91* – chair. *Ask someone who knows how to speak Hokkien to help you out.

Me and my mom giggled like crazy on the car. She thought that the number, 3791, was a good number and wanted to buy it at the nearby Toto outlet. But then due to traffic congestion we decided to give up and go home. Actually we wanted to tell dad about the number, as he was the one usually go buying numbers, but then for some stupid reason we forgotten.

Then when I was flipping through today’s newspaper I realised that 3791 was the first prize in the Toto draw! I went speechless for not buying it. Stupid me.

See? 3791 is the FIRST PRIZE! Damn it!

I asked my dad about how much would we get if we really bought that number. Thinking carefully, my dad said that the number would bring us $30,000!!!

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