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Where Is Everybody?

Went to Midvalley Megamall today, because we are too free and had nothing to do. Maybe because of the Hari Raya Holidays (13/11/04 to 16/11/04), everybody went out-station.

It was the first time I saw that the parking lots here are vacant on public holidays. This is the hot spot where people usually park their cars as it is the nearest to the elevators.

Vacant parking lots

It was already late morning when we reached there. We went about asking for the price of SD cards, since I want to add more storage space to my camcorder. However, we found that nobody was in the mall at such peak hour. Really sort of wierd.

This place is where most people like to come, because there is a MPH Bookstore, Toys’r’us, Jusco Supermarket and some other shops selling high-heel shoes and beautiful blouses (that’s why women like to visit this area). However, this place seemed extordinary quiet today.

Where is everybody?

This cafe always has a great flow of customers and holds on firmly to the money in it’s customers’ pockets. But it is deserted today! What happenned?

Deserted cafe.

Then we left the mall. Now then I found out why there is nobody in the mall. They’re late-wakers, and they’re now stuck in the traffic jam!

Peeps got stuck in traffic jam.

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