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Crab Eating

Today my cousin’s and my family are having dinner together. What special dishes are we having? It’s crab!

I never get to taste crabs in my boarding school. The canteen food there really sucks like hell (don’t mention it again, as the after-taste of the food there makes me feel sick!), so I do not dream of having to eat crabs there. Maybe when pigs fly then they’ll serve crabs. Anyway, even if they serve crabs when evolution brings pigs wings, I would not choose to eat them.

Crab-eating is always very dirty. It is impossible for us to use just only fork and spoon to pry the hard shells of the stupid, dead and cooked crabs. So we’ve to use the natural tool that God gave it to us – hands. Hands are really very useful in crab-eating sessions. You dig for meat and pry open the shells, just using bare hands.

Now let’s look how the table looks like before we started our meal:

It’s sparkling clean!

And the feast starts when crabs are served. Everyone is just talking and talking and talking non-stop, while I am busy eating up my bowl of rice so that I cna take some HORRIBLE snapshots as soon as possible.

So, this is how the table looks like after we had our meal:

Ew, the super dirty table! Yikes!

But anyway, it is not our problem about cracking our heads how to clean up the table. It is all the restaurant’s problems now!

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