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Not to forget to mention that we also visited an enormous pet shop, called ‘Pet Safari’, located in Ikano, just beside the Ikea’s Damansara branch. There were lots of dogs being ‘imprisoned’ inside the shop premises. Although taking photo is prohibited (again?), I decided to take some cute shots about the dogs in there.

Instead of stoning in front of the fish tank for ages, like what my family members are doing, I decided to access the ‘Dog Barn’. The dogs there are really cute, especially the Labradro Retriever and the Golden Retriever. However I am unable to take all the picture of all the dogs as some workers are patrolling around. They make me really HARD to take picture.

The everybody-wants-to-touch Golden Retriever

I don’t know what dog is this, but it sure looks dump

Forgot to take down details about this dog. But it is one of the customer’s favourite.

I really do hope that I can have one of these dogs one day (except for the second dog, which I said that it looks stupid), but too bad I can’t get one forever since my mum hates dogs a lot.

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