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Cloudy Day

I think you might be bored of seeing me mentioning about raining all the time in my blog. But I’m sure that this might be one of the last.

I really regretted that I didn’t take some shots how cloudy days here look. They’re really gloomy and some sort of spine-chilling. Let me tell you how is a typical day here. In the morning it is always sunny and clouds in the sky are sparsely distributed. This shows a sign of a good day, but everytime the weather in the later of the dya proved this wrong. Afternoon here is always unbearably hot, making everyone to flock into air-conditioned shopping malls. Then in the evening the clouds starts to turn dark and the sun is nowhere to be seen. Then it starts to rain like cats and dogs.

I think everyone experienced rainy days before, so I decided not to post so rainy days picture here. Instead, I choose to post some cloudy day picture here. I decided to keep this post short, since a picture worth a thousand words.

See the horrible power of nature?

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