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Pillows Made Just For YOU?

I think (I repeat, I THINK!) except Malaysia, Singapore and India, no country makes Deepavali a public holiday. That’s why my family decided to go Midvalley Megamall to do window shopping (not buying everything in the display window).

Then we went to Carrefour to buy some stuff. I passed by a colourful rack stuffed with all sort of pillows and bolsters. Took a picture about the rack (although it is prohibited) after carefully observing that there is no workers of Carrefour around. My brother did try to stop me, but his effort failed because of the passion of photographing in me.

The COLOURFUL pillow rack.

I think people who bought the pillows or thought that the those pillows are state-of-the-art stuff are either babies or gays / lesbians.

Sorry for the insult.

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