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Downtown Kuala Lumpur @ Night

Instead of stoning in front of my house television set, my father decided to bring us on a trip to downtown Kuala Lumpur for a scenic night drive. Luckily my father know the road there well. I grabbed my camcorder along so that I do not miss the view of the scenic night drive to Kuala Lumpur.

As many people says, Malaysia is a developing country. I totally agree with that. Driving through skyscrapers, we still can feel the bumpy feeling as the road we are traveling on is some sort of rough. Drains are flooded after the heavy rain in the afternoon. Near Jalan Tun Razak the road is almost flooded and traffic shows sign of clogging up.

The first place is Dataran Merdeka, where our very first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman announced Malaysia’s independence. The word ‘Dataran’ means square while ‘Merdeka’ means independence. Well, my father stopped the car by the road after observing that there is no police around the square (as cars are not allowed to stop / wait / park there). So I got a side view of the building opposite square. Then we stopped at a traffic light just after the square and I got a shot of the building.

The Merdeka Square Building at night. See the clock tower?

Then we went by the Petronas Twin Tower, the tallest tower in South East Asia (thanks to Taipei 101 who snatched away all the fame of being the World’s Tallest Building). It looked very nice at night, especially when decorated with neon lights. One of the shot is a little darker, maybe because of my camcorder. But anyway, the twin tower is still visible in both photographs.

The Petronas Twin Tower at night.

But something ‘refreshing’ is awaiting us back on Federal Highway. Guess what?


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