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Avoiding Traffic Jams

NOTICE: This is only applicable for Malaysians and Singaporeans, and foreigners who’d like to tour Malaysia and Singapore can also read on =).

I’ve find a good site on the web to show the traffic conditions in Singapore, especially the two checkpoints – Woodlands and Tuas.

Usually commuters use the Woodlands checkpoint because it’s near to town and toll fees are cheap, unlike after the Tuas Chekcpoint where toll plazas are everywhere, foricng every cent out of your wallet.

However, there is always horrible traffic congestion at the Woodlands checkpoint. For example, like the one below:

Traffic congestion outside the woodlands checkpoint (above) and on the causeway (below).

On the other hand, Tuas Checkpoint looks much better at the same time when the above photo was taken:

Almost NO traffic @ Tuas Checkpoint!

For more tips or real live camera shots, you can access One Motoring =).

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