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Building The Impossible – Trans-Atlantic Railway

This is what engineers suggested after seeing that Chunnel is being successfully constructed – To built the longest railway tunnel of the world, which span across the Atlantic Ocean from the US to England.

I think this idea is innovative but not practical. I wonder the one who came out with this idea ever think that aeroplane has been invented long ago?

Upon the completion of the construction of this tunnel, the entire tunnel will be AT LEAST 8000 km long. Lots of construction materials would be sued up in the process of building this impossible thingy. The amount of concrete needed for the entire project would make up the total amount of concrete produced in the world for 10 solid years. As it is impossible to starve other countries from concrete, it would take about 40 years (means taking up a quarter of the world’s concrete production in a year) to just get enough concrete to be made.

Secondly, scientists claimed that people from US can reach England in an hour by just using this tunnel – this means that trains have to travel up to 8000 km/h (which is approximately 2.22 km/s!). Maybe maglev trains can travel that fast, but what about the passengers in the train would feel? Scientists suggested that rotating chairs will decrease the G-force by quite a lot, but will you feel nauseous after sitting on a non-stop rotating chair for one hour?

The rocky water of the Atlantic Ocean is a big headache. What happens of a strong turbulence hit the tunnel and it brekas into segments? The people in there are surely doomed, you see. On the other hand, what happens if a ship rams directly into the tunnel? Maybe the headline would go like this:


That’s surely very sad. I would rather choose to take a plane across the Atlantic Ocean – less hassel, better serivce, no rotating-chairs.

The picture below show the impossible-to-be-built Trabs-Atlantic Railway:

The super-fragile Trans-Atlantic Railway

*Please correct me if you find that the statistics are incorrect.

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