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Building The Impossible – Tokyo Sky City

Some ambitious Japanese architects want to change the world’s approach towards urban crowding / overpopulation in megacities like Tokyo, Mexico City and others. They think that we can live in the sky, so they hope to build a vertical city twice the height of today’s tallest building that would house, employ and entertain hundred of thousands of people.

However, I think this contruction project would not make it. Please remember that those stuff mentioned below are only my opinions.

The building, awaiting to be ‘properly’ named, is now temperorily labelled as ‘Tokyo Sky City’. The tower will weigh a whoopy 6 million ton upon completion, and would be a jaw-dropping 1 kilometres high. I wonder whether Tokyo’s soft and muddy soil would be able to hold up such a heavy structure. For your information, engineers would have to digs the depth of three Tokyo Sky City in order to reach the bed rock.

On the other hand, the building is too tall – it would reach a record-breaking height of 1,000 metres! It would be easily made as the main target of terrorist attacks. Maybe next time those terrorist do not need to kidnap peopleone by one but just get the entire structure under their control – that would make up hundred of thousands of hostages!

What happens if a fire broke out? The entire biulding would then be a chimney, where smoke starts of billow upwards, suffocating lots of people. Maybe the sprikling system would be activated, but I am sure that it would starve the entire Tokyo from water supply. The fire would then melt those claimed to be fire-resistant pillars which them brings the entire 1 km high building down. I think there would be more people waving their handkerchiefs outside the window than when 2 planes crahsed into the World Trade Centre in 9/11 at that moment.

That’s really building the IMPOSSIBLE building:
(1) Impossible for people to escape,
(2) Impossible for people to survive,
(3) Impossible to be built.

The picture below shows the impossible structure:

Eiffel Tower sure looks very small when compared to it!

No wonder the Japanese government would not want to start the construction yet!

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