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Crazy Drivers On Road

I went down to Singapore today just to get my stuff back from the boarding school. Cleaners are expected / ordered to throw away any thing they see if they start to clean our rooms. Too bad, so I have to go down there to get my things back home.

Along the North-South Highway, we see lots of crazy drivers. They are horrible, duh! Not to mention that I met up with not less than one crazy driver.

Case 1:
Gang-bang basis case. Five lorries surrounded our car. We thought we’re dead because being gang-banged by lots of lorries ain’t good thing. Luckily my father stepped pretty hard on the oil pedal so that we get out of this situation.
CRAZY rating: * * * * * *
DOOMED rating: * * * * * * * *

Case 2:
A lorry behind us is clocked at about 140 km/h. I think that lorry driver is experiencing some after-effects of taking drugs / animal food. There’s no apparent reason he keep flashing (erm, I mean flashing lights. This is not a por* blog!) at us, since we’re also traveling quite fast, at about 140 km/h because we feared that the lorry driver would just drive his lorry to kiss our a**.
CRAZY rating: * * * * *
DOOMED rating: * * * * * *

Case 3:
A yellow race car driver was angry at us because of honking at him for occupying the oil station booth for 15 minutes. He honked at us many times just beside our car, when we are driving at a speed of 100 km/h. Luckily he went off quickly as another car honked him from behind for occupying the fast lane (the lane nearest to the highway divider).
CRAZY rating: * * * * * *
DOOMED rating: * * * * *

This reminds me of Singapore Land Transport Authority’s campaign – Be courteous on road. I think some moronic drivers don’t practise that! This totally stupid. Would they like to be killed on road? Maybe they like the fun of being honked by others by picking up a fight.

If this post accidentally offended any crazy drivers, that’s too bad for you!

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