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Bush Won The Election!

Bush won the election. That’s the first thing I knew when I first woke up this morning. I was expecting Kerry to win as he was also greatly supported by Americans. Maybe they think that Bush screwed up the US politics and so they go towards Kerry for help. But I feel that Bush won jsut merely of Lady Luck shining on him. If Kerry would ahve taken down Ohio ,he might be the new President. Please note that this is merely my own opinions.

I woke up in the morning and my mom kept screaming at the newspaper,

“Bush won! Bush won!”

Looks like she’s a supporter of Bush. Anyway, here is a photo about today’s newspaper headline. That’s Bush!

Translated to English: BUSH WAS ELECTED. 274 votes against 252 votes. Kerry accepts defeat. *Newspaper name censored due to copyright reasons*

At last, the Bush vs Kerry war has ended peacefully, without any big demonstration on the streets like what happenned after the results are announced during the Taiwanese Presidential Election.

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