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Aquarium @ Home

My aunt who enjoys her one-woman-show travelling decided to go to China for 3 solid weeks. So, instead of taking the entire aquarium with her, she decided to leave it at my home.

The aquarium was small, but there are 8 fishes in it. That’s somehow overpopulating it. Maybe the water is so shallow, restricting the movements of the fishes. So I decided to add some water in a few days time.

Anyway, based on the lousy carpenterwork and moulding of the plastics planes, I can see that my i-hate-to-do-carpenting aunt did incested some effort into the making of the aquarium. Maybe the lousiness of the carpenterwork cannot be seen clearly in the photo below. That’s the aquarium which is going to be betrayed by my aunt for 3 weeks.

This is the aquarium =)

My father thinks that it is troublesome to keep an aquarium at home, and worse still if the owner does not claim it back. But my mum insisted on keeping it, maybe she’s bored of holiday life. I’m neutral, so please don’t ask for my stand.

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