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Let The Americans Choose Their Leader

Although I am not in the United States and I am not an American, I am kept informed about the selection of the new president of the United States.

It is a fierce and tiring battle for both leaders, Bush and Kerry. What I know is that there is 47% chance for Bush to win the selection, and there is also another 47% chance for Kerry to win the selection. I do not know very much about them, but the only thing I know is that a verbal battle sparked off between both of them in a debate a few days ago.

Kerry blamed Bush for shifting the focus of battling terrorism onto the Iraq issue. He rest assured that he would continue to battle terrorism, but his target is OSAMA.

By the way, a video which features Osama claims that due to Bush wait-till-i-finishi-reding-the-story-to-the-kids action caused the other tower of the Wolrd Trade Centre to fall, as it gave Osama a second chance to cripple the US.

Anyway, this is not a political site, so I do not further evaluate about this matter. I can’t wait tomorrow to come, as I am eager to know that who will eventually become USA’s next greatest (or lousiest?) leader.


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