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Changing A New Car

My mother said that we are changing a new car, called X-Trail, launched in September 2004. Anyway, my parents bought it but no other SUVs because they think that cars manufactured by Nissan bears a better quality. I also think so. My parents drove the old Nissan Sentral car for 8 years and it rarely needs sort of major repairs. They just brought it for scheduled services to maintain the engine performance.

This Nissan saloon car has been with us for 8 years. Since I was in primary school we got that car. It even made countless trips to Singapore in the past three years! However, it’s engine is still humming well and that really impressed my parents.

Honestly saying, I am not willing to give up this car to the manufacturer in order to get a trade-in deal for a new X-Trail SUV. I really hoped that I could stay with us forever. However my parents said that it’s time to change a new car. As my brother and I grew older each year, it is quite ‘tiring’ for this car to take our family of four and our grandparents up to the windy and steep road of Genting Highland. I’m sure that we’ve been overloading it since the first trip we went up to Genting Highland after buying this car!

I am also quite excited to sit on our new car. It is more spacious than the 8-year-old saloon car and has lots of functions that our old car doesn’t have. We’ll be trading-in the X-trail by this Wednesday. Maybe it’s time to say farewell to my old car!

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