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November 2004

Back From Bangkok

After five days for not blogging and going online, I’m feeling quite uneasy, looks like I’m somehow addicted =) I’m not going to crap what I’ve seen and done in Bangkok, so just trying to tell you readers that I’m very tired after the trip. We have the wake up at 6.00am everyday just to […]

Back To Penang (Mom’s Hometown)

Penang is where my grandparents used to live and where most of my family members stay there. As we are going to Bangkok tomorrow (please do not lecture me about the political situation there – I’m aware of it), we would need to rest there for a night to get enough energy to tour Bangkok. […]

Top 10 Stuff That I Hate To Eat

I really do hope that these following stuff do not appear on my dining table at meal time! The Top 10 Stuff I Hate To Eat: (1) ASPARAGUS (2) TAUFOO (except for JAPANESE TAUFOO) (3) BRINJAL (4) CHEESE (only when added horribly in excess) (5) APPLE PIE (6) BITTER GOURD (7) CARROT CAKE (8) CRAYFISH […]

Genting Highland 2004 – Day 3

Everything seemed to be very quiet today. Not to crap much as I know I crapped a lot yesterday. *Yesterday’s post word count is 1047. Quiet. Everything is silent. These photos are taking at about 8.50am today. Yesterday, at the same time the theme park is plagued by crowds and noisy peeps. Looks very quiet […]

Genting Highland 2004 – Day 2

Today the REAL fun begins. I think you’re bored reading those crappy but compulsory (so that you peeps know what’s happenning up there) posts, so I think this post might wake you up from your worst nightmare- reading crappy stuff. Woke up as early as 6.45am today, but I’m not waking up that early to […]

Genting Highland 2004 – Day 1

Today we went to Genting Highlands (duh!) Maybe some of you might not be veru familiar with this place, Let me breif you about this interesting place my family decided to go on a trip (for those who know what the hell it is please move on). Genting Highland is situated 51km northeast of the […]

Why Bush Chose Iraq


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Yea. You probably know what the Konami code is before getting to this page. So now what? Here is a randomised YouTube video on my favourites list... which includes Rickroll, if you're luck enough to get it.

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The Konami Code:
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