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Park With Your Brain

I went to One Utama Shopping Mall with my parents today and I found out that not many people park with their brain.

I knew that the Singapore Government was busy advertising their drive-safe-and-do-not-go-bang campaign 400km away from me now. I know that the Malaysian Government are also asking people to drive with good manners and also, using our brains to drive. Please image if a pig attempts to drive a car, where would the car go? Straight to the barn. This is a typical example of driving without brain.


In Malaysia, as the holidays are approaching and in conjuction of the Mega Sales, people do shop a lot. Hence shopping malls get their parking lots easily filled in just a blink of the eye. Instead of trying to look for another vacant parking lot, some idiotic drivers just park WITHOUT using their brains to work out the logistics and the possible outcome of their idoitic act.

Case 1:
Driver A parks in front of one car, hence one car can’t sort of get-outta-there.
KENA honk rating: * * *
STUPIDITY rating: * * * * *

Case 2:
Driver B parks in front of the Autopay Machine. Nobody can get their parkign tickets paid on-the-spot.
KENA honk rating: * * * * * 1/2
STUPIDITY rating: * * * * * * *

Case 3:
Driver C parks beside a big,big drain which is just beside a BUSY intersection. Blocked the traffic and caused some great traffic ‘coagulation’. With just a little push, the whole car would go into the drain.
KENA honk rating: * * * * * * * *
STUPIDITY rating: * * * * * * * 1/2

Case 4:
Driver D waited in the middle of the road for any cars which might exit the parking lot. However, there is no sign of any drivers approaching the car park yet. Other cars can’t get through for a long time.
KENA honk rating: * * * * * * *
STUPIDITY rating: * * * * * * * *

Message to all stupid drivers who did those stuff above: “Omigosh, please PARK WITH YOUR BRAIN!!!”

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