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Super Long Bus Journey

Imagine that:
(1) You’re stranded in a lift during a blackout,
(2) You’re grounded by your form teacher for using the TEACHER’s restroom without any valid authentication,
(3) You’re locked in the closet by your mother for using her mack-ups on your pet dog,
(4) You’re kidnapped by a stupid kidnapper who hides you in a car boot and then he runs nowhere,
(5) You’re caught in the forest becasue you’re busy chasing the runaway Cinderella and lost your way,
(6) You’re being isolated by the hospital because you got some wierd disease,

That’s what I am experiencing for the entire day!

I am sitting at the SAME seat for FIVE hours NON-STOP in a COLD bus, and that type of feelinjg is really very horrible. It’s neither like you’re watching ‘Ju-On The Final’ in your DVD player nor being scolded by your father for unassembling’ your house refrigerator. That type of feeling just drives you crazy.

Luckily I have a MP3 player to entertain me. Too bad for me that I just transferred 1 MP3 song track into it. This means that I heard that song OVER and OVER again for some time.

The weather out there is just plain SUCK. The enitre scenery is limited betwwen the colour tone of black and white due to the lousy weather. It did’nt rain, but the clouds up there was just plain stubborn that they’re just not dispersing to allow a TINY bit of sunlight from penetrating it.

Anyway, I had a hard time today. Luckily I did’nt go crazy. Hahaz.

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