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Omigosh! My MSG!

Today I got my report slip back. Yerterday night I was worried that I would get lousy MSG, and I really do hope that my MSG won’t go beyond 1.93, as my class average MSG is 1.93. I have not get any MSG with ‘1’ at the start in my entire school life in Chinese High, so I think I am the lousier half of the class.

I heard from Mr Goh that 19 people in 3H got an average MSG of 1.00 *omigosh*, and that was really some sort of paranormal stuff. I am very sad to say that there are only 3 people got MSG of 1.00 in our class. For I-dunno-what-the-heck reasons, Jiang Zhou and Jack got 1.00, and it is not surprising for Lu Jie to get that make-you-scream-like-crazy result, which is 1.00.

Mr Goh started to distribute report slips and I have a great struggle in my heart. I am wondering whether my results are above or below (which I do not want to!) the class average.

To my astonishment I got 1.75 for my overall MSG of the year, which I have never dreamt of. My heart is trembling with excitment, as this is the first time I got ‘1’ for the start of my MSG. However, due to what Mr Goh clamied as from-Mr-Hon’s-blessing reason, the class got quite good MSG, I am ranked 17 in class.

My class, 3J ranked fifth in the entire Secondary Three. This means that after a year of super-duper-struggling-cum-battling, we finally made it into the Tower Block. Since Secondary One I was very fond in entering the Tower Block, as it holds the top 8 Most Reputable classes in the entire level!

The advantages of entering the Tower Block are:
(1) Teachers would take a long time to reach our class,
(2) Isolation from many other classes, so we can make as much noise as we can,
(3) Even though the classrooms are locked, I can get into the classrooms and unlock ,the doors as I can squeeze through the window frames (thanks to my SLIM figure!),
(4) Everything above.

Actually there are disadvantages entering the tower block:
(1) Super kiasu 3I made it into the Tower Block too. Have to have the idiotic CCB (only Ortus people know who CCB is, so don’t ask me if you don’t know),
(2) The GEPers made it into the Tower Block. MORE GEPers around us = MORE rivals,
(3) Cannot meet with the two other Ortus Secondary Three people. I hate mixing around with GEPers,
(4) We are the furthest from the canteen, so we would have bear with the super long queues during the super-rush-hour – recess time,
(5) Everything above.

All three Ispark classes got in, which we expected. I am quite worried that the GEPers would somehow gang-bang us. Since we’re in, now I’m hoping we’re situated on the first level, so that I would not need to carry bags and books up the well-known super-stEEEEEp stairs of the clock tower block.

Anyway, I am quite happy with my result! The only thing I can think of now is thinking of my fantastic holiday!

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