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The Adventurous 15km Trekking

Today is the last day of the Ortus Secondary Three End-Of-Year Activities, but also the most tiring day of the four-days-spanning End-Of-Year Activities. Our Ortus teachers organised a 15 km trekking from the foot of Bukit Timah Hill to Mandai Zoo. Although a 15km journey is short for a car, but it is surely a long, long way for the moving-at-tortoise-speed Ortusians. Our teachers-in-charge are Mr Goh, Mr Chew, Mr Lim, Mr Teo, Mr Vincent Tan and (another) Mr Tan. They have tried the route a week before so that they could ensure us that the route is SAFETY.

The original trekking route should be from Bukit Timah to MacRitchie, but those sadistic teachers eventually changed the route to from-bukit-timah-to-mandai-zoo! That would make up 15km, which is deemed unreasonable and unwalkable for us. Everyone screamed out when they put up the message of changing the trekking route a few days ago! But TOO BAD, as we had let our parents signed the consent form. How cunning!

It started to rain in the morning and became heavier at 8.00am, when the trekking was supposed to start. Everyone was nearly drenched because of the heavy downpour and many required the teachers to cancel the trekking for today. However, the teachers insisted not to let their torture-the-students-for-15km plan render into NOTHING by the rain, so they continued on the plan to let us trek from Bukit Timah to Mandai Zoo.

Luckily I brought my poncho so that I do not get drenched (and corroded) by the acid rain *just kidding*. Many Ortusians got wet to their feet and only some brought their umbrellas. So we had to hare umbrellas, which we tried to prevent in case of anyone mocking us as gays. Hahaz.

Yan Ming, Wei Xiang and I teamed up to be buddies. We walked together so that to give each other mental courage and also share FOOD. I didn’t bring any food as I slept too early yesterday night due to the tiring Ortus Carnival, so it is a good chance for me to get some food from them, hahahaha… Mr Goh was walking damn fast ahead and I am almost breathless in catching up with him. As the people behind me are walking quite slow and there would be a lot of track branching ahead (which some people might get lost if they go the OTHER direction) , I can’t leave them alone and chase Mr Goh. So ta-da, I am caught in a super-challenging situation. Luckily those people catch up in the end and the crisis of mine is resolved!

We were the first group who reached the first resting point, which is above the PUB pipeline. The rain was still quite heavy and we had to stand there and WAIT for other slow-moving groups. Xing Zhou fell down in the rain and got mud all over his body, and he looks quite pissed, which eventually became our only entertainment in the midst of the heavy rain.

After resting for 10 minutes while waiting for other groups to reach, we started off again. The terrain over the underground PUB pipeline was horrible, maybe because those slaking construction workers just anyhow dumped some soil over and called a quit to the terrain-recovery-work. (This is because laying pipelines requires lots of digging which spoils the landscape). The rain was still on and we had a hard time coping up with Mr Goh’s fast walking pace.

After going through an underpass at the Bukit Timah Expressway, we walked straight into the jungle, deflecting us from all civilisation. The jungle track was so long that we took 40 minutes to complete the entire track. The track included lots of uphill and only a few downhills, so we are very tired as we can’t get much momentum from the downhill journey. The rain eventually stopped and I took off my poncho which is full of water vapour inside that nearly suffocated me.

Someone fell down ahead and the whole trekking team was asked to stop, maybe because of the slippery jungle floor. We can only see a teacher bundling him (Rui Hong) from far away, but when we walked pass him, we saw lots of blood staining his shirt (omigosh!). Wei Xiang told me that he felt nauseous. I think he got haemophobia (fear of blood), just like Tsunade in the Naruto Anime. However, according to some updates with my friends, it was Nigel that wacked Rui Hong, as I think after some long time of trekking, Nigel’s emotions went a LITTLE bit of out-of-control.

We walked near the rifle range and we heard lots of banging sound vaguely, due to the obstruction of the thick jungle. It sounds like a bear roaming at a far distance. Junk was scared. Maybe he feared that his fat body might be an disadvantage to him, as a brainless and hungry animal might see it as a big fat lump of meat.

Our trekking was obstructed by a gate. Many people climbed the fencing but I went under the gate because of my SLIM figure. Hahaz. Luckily many of the Ortusians who are quite slim got pass the gate, even teachers!

We finally saw Mandai Road (that’s civilisation!) and we are only 1.5km away from Mandai Zoo. I got some stamina left and so I walked briskly along Mandai Road to the zoo. Awaiting us at the end of the trekking is a meal at KFC, situated at the entrance of Mandai Zoo. I had a great lunch and at that time I only knew that I can eat THAT much (I ate up S$11.25 worth of food!). Junjie invited me to tour the zoo with him but I rejected because I am simply too tired.

I reached the boarding school at about 12.50pm and I am totally worn out! I nearly fell asleep during my journey back to the boarding school.

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